Leaves expectations frozen in the mind, replacing the imagination, making me cold and harsh. When expectations are frozen, I stop expecting, reflecting, observing, resting, and soliciting. I also refuse to be silent.

Denies others the satisfaction of something they are right about that may also be important to us.

I try to absorb Him in my own effort, rather than allowing myself to be absorbed into Him. In other words, I dumb down Christ and assume myself as His equal.

Stops faith from allowing us to focus our own understanding.

Focuses on others rather than our own actions.

Stops your view to look up in humility and only looks down in superiority.

Focuses on words (strife) rather than realities (What is God).

Vainly flatters or blesses one that your are willing to tear to pieces.

Makes promises without performance and acts in ignorance when few words are needed yet are often repeated.

Creates perpetual dreamers that leads to grumbling and complaining.

Boards our grief to ourselves with wretchedness.

Thinks that biting the tongue is to bite on the bridle (Psalm 32) which bites the bride

Thinks that God doesn't care, therefore I can't take up the shield of faith. In return, I am left exposed, so I must overpower or overact rather than empower.

Leads to talking obsessively about troubles to everyone who will listen which takes away the time needed for prayer (talking of trouble makes it double)

Causes few to act but many to overact--instead of overcoming.

Causes weeping without sadness and singing with only heaviness-- I would rather die (over my dead body) than die to something in order to live

Blocks shame from turning to blushing in response to a love lavished upon us

Uses logic (extreme language) instead of reason (has truth/ life as well as the right use of language)

Is always explaining rather than changing.