We so often say the wrong thing because we have this compulsion to speak when simply loving is needed. True value is realized not so much through speaking but in loving.  Right or timely words do register in the heart but are most powerfully registered when love leads. Otherwise what is said is often received as more internal noise to be tuned out or is tuned out without even intentionally doing so. I call this shutting down even when words are present. Misinterpretation is intense at this point causing much unnecessary anxiety and conflict. Virtually no healing is possible though the opportunity was present. How often value is misplaced because silence is feared rather than used to remove fear that makes healng possible.

I met recently with someone who was described by an important government official as a silent warrior, yet I've never heard him without words. We must fight silently at times to be efficient in the kill, but must first love silently to give life to the will.

Amour and no less.