A child is drawn to the promise of honey but is almost always surprised by the presence of bees. Deuteronomy 1:44

The stings of disobedience tend to make us feel that we must move out of the childlike state for all the wrong reasons We feel we must grow up and earn the right to hurt this much.

We challenge ourselves to “be a man or woman” when we feel the pain of a mistake. In our pride we are shocked that we would make a mistake or fail. We can’t hear our pain over the proud voice of self-reliance. Some of our worst mistakes are made from drawing wrong conclusions from undeniable truths. Galatians 4:8,9

Why is this? Pain is the most difficult of all the human conditions. Because of this, our views become distorted when pain humiliates us. We even refuse comfort that is strengthening thinking that it’s power might be used against us. Job 23:6

Pain is confusing to a child yet a child will continue to run to the parent. As we grow older the confusion of pain has deeper effects on us that we try to interpret with our own limited wisdom and experience. We pray as Jeremiah did to not hurt us for hurting so much. Jeremiah 10:24 Even when willing or forced to get help we find it difficult to the see the “goodness” of it. Hebrews 12:7-13

What is this goodness that often makes me feel as a naked man frantic in a house full of bees?

King David asked for a sign of this goodness in Psalm 86:17. He wrote about it in Psalm 142:7 and 81:16. Is it not the Christ with His gift of forgiveness and repentance to know Him? Acts 5:31

When you know Him you know the Father, son. John 14:9-14

Ask as a child and hear the aye of the Father. 2 Corinthians 1:20

Hear the whisper. Job 4:11-13