Leading others to lay one brick at a time while simultaneously envisioning the cathedral being built is my idea of a wise and nurturing scholar with a blue collar.

The term scholar, as used above, is not limited to an academician though it could be. It speaks of the giftedness of an individual's leadership – scholarship potential leadership – similar to scholarship athletes and honor students.

Risk for the leader begins when he takes this "cathedral" like vision of community in a competitive world from the imagination to action. For others to envision his vision they must see their own vision and how their self-interest aligns with the greater corporate one.

This ability to lead others to envision corporately as an organization, institution, or family comes from the leader's powerful, yet beautifully simple language of hope. His own uniquely inspired communications will uplift the spirit in others through affirmation in the strength of his own willingness to serve this greater vision.

Authoritative tenderness. 1 Thessalonians 2:3-12