There is in the game of life a rush that seeks wonder filled activities. This wonder uncontrolled moves more in a state of confusion that exists as when riding a roller coaster. You know it was exciting but you must always be passive. This oft-repeated thrill-seeking creates in us an aggression that tends to take on a life of its own that sees and feels stillness as a threat. The process can turn into a state of passive aggressiveness that seems normal because it deals with the ebb and flows of a given day, yet, doesn't seem to bring fulfillment. As we get near a tortoise-like state from exaustion or just simple fatigue, the confusion attached to the wonder of it causes us to misinterpret many things and people. A phrase we often use from this is "You just don't undertand" or "No one understands".

To distill the confusion from the wonder, the kaleidoscope must be stilled. The tortoise must brush against the hare and remain passive enough to then enter-actively remain in the present. What opens up is the capacity to now look deep into the beauty of reality when confusion from hare-raising activity is removed or stilled.