Afraid of the dark during the day? Often our fear is not of the dark but of darkness. I fear what I don't know. I fear the author of what I don't understand. Exodus 20:21 Our minister, Randy Draughon, speaking from 2 Peter 1, made it clear today that fear makes us close our eyes to the obvious. Refusing to see the obvious intensifies the fear of darkness; the not so obvious. Deuteronomy 4:11,12

When circumstances are difficult to experience and understand (i.e. chaos) we often see only clouds and thick darkness when we ask "Why?". The Word and words aren't often clear in the experience, itself. I at some point through stillness have to process what has happened and is happening. Proverbs 22:21

The Word will reveal himself in ways that I do understand. Psalm 91:14-16

The Word will reveal himself in ways that I do understand even while the bigger picture is misunderstood. Psalm 97:2

The experience has to be processed by trust and obedience; something we rarely allow to happen. Romans 1:5,6

We tend to jump into something or jump ahead in thoughts, words, or deeds to deal with what we don't understand. Or we isolate ourselves with some form of numbing agent. Deuteronomy 4:30,31

An example of this often starts when we're young while moving in and out of relationships. We rarely allow our hearts enough time to heal from the previous one. Yet we will carry the complexities of a new relationship on top of fresh wounds until it's almost too much to handle.

This pain and rejection are not trivial and can create enormous confusion that spills into all areas of our lives and into the future. They begin to distort our views of our Holy Father, the people around us, and ourselves. These are views that need to be healed. Romans 2:1-4

The Word was with God in the beginning and the repetitive experiences of new beginnings bring more experiential clarity of Him and His Word. John 1:1-14