Fear cuts truth in halves so that things that may not be true seem true. Or, what seems true becomes a clever intellectual diversion for my refusal to act on conviction.   I would not want to build my steps today on broken bricks for fear I might slip. When things are obviously broken, I become far more fearful that I can realize on my own. Isaiah 5:20.  Instead of believing what seems to be true, I realize by wisdom that what seems to be true may not be. What is true is that I'm afraid my Father isn't here in this darkness. Psalm 18:28 

The same fear I felt alone at night as a child becomes a fear of the light as an adult who by fear feels alone. I want to crawl in a hole because fear enslaves me to self-deceit. Romans 8:15-17  This fear leads to anger that blocks me from doing what I truly want. James 1:19-22

Half truths are craftily decked out in attractive dress in order that they appear more true than truth itself when I'm fearful and/or deceived.