The spread of coloring-beautifying-wisdom enables good conduct with an acute sense of crucial timing in building a future even after failure.  This truth frees to discover unlocked joy, power to share, and peaceful life in the fast lane. Hope allows one to be rationally successful with failure as well as renews a gentle but firm understanding-conscious repentence-of the reasons and tendencies underlying those failures.  Hope doesn’t come from a disciplined life, but a covenental one with a Father who inspires with courage. Disciplines of hope are spiritually discerned in failure more often than success.

Hope then, is inferred and imparted, not deferred. Proverbs 13:12

There is no curtain on the cave in the light of hope meaning that with hope there is always a next step. That first step is more often simply allowing someone in.

We tend instead to raise our own standard in isolation that we can't meet as we would in a gym by raising the bar with more weight that strengthens us physically. Yet  lowering the bar onto another’s shoulders strengthens spiritually and  emotionally from which hope emerges. 

Companionship awareness, then hope assured.