Today is her birthday. She was 21 in Fort Bragg when I was born. She is 5 ft. tall and was a expert marksman as a young girl. She could dance, sing, write, entertain, but most of all love and understand. She is the daughter of a banker and a mayor. She is the unofficial mayor of the KY town in which she lives because of her knowledge of its history and her profound wisdom of how relationships work.

If she were mayor of New York, she would be the glue holding the bridges together between the protests and actual change. She would be standing in the gap between, connecting, and creating an intersection of all parties with measurable progress somewhere between the realistic and idealistic .

She would not have to be liked, but she would be loved. Why? Because she has the progressive wisdom based on themes of both sides, a win/win. She brings the right answers to the right questions. Each party would know that they were understood, but understood in a way that the city would progress without 100% agreement. 

She displays patience born out of wisdom, yet gets things moving that can be done now.

A shout out to you, Mom! Happy Birthday!!! The leaders should be calling you with all those who know you today to say "Happy Birthday".

ton fils.

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