As humans, we are really only capable of seeing the world in 2D.  Technology allows us to view objects in three dimensions, but even then we are only able to see a false reality (motion picture or computer graphics that have been recorded).  But, as we move out of the natural and into the supernatural, we begin to see things beyond standard definition.

De-tick: The misconception of stewardship, especially regarding time, is that we think we need to get a lot out of a little.  Expectation becomes an idol, as we measure our worth, and others’ worth, based on our predictions and timelines.  Our expectations wrap around our ankles and fetter us to the clock that reminds us, falsely, that our time is almost expired.

Detox: Religion requires unattainable spiritual perfection without failure, but grace gives room for imperfection by inspiration with courage, in spite of failure.  As we are being led in the knowledge of knowing a great work is being finished in us, we begin to do away with faux spirituality.  Exfoliation removes the layers of our narcissistic and obsessive self-awareness.

Debrief: The arrogance of the ego points us in the direction of guilt when we engage in wrongdoing.  As we move out of the illusion of perfection and into freedom, we take joy in conviction and rest in truth.  We take delight in correction and resist the temptation to compartmentalize our mistakes.

When despair no longer convinces us that we are crushed and when we start to desire to desire again, we step away from seeing things as black and white, or even grey, and see truth as a colorful, multi-faceted, life-giving gift.  The layers of our life are revealed in ways we never imagined, and we begin to see our story is important and not fiction.  This is real-life, in-the-moment living.