In many recent discussions with those whom I meet, there exists in them a confusion with contentment and passion. When one is content, he is at peace. That peace brings a rest where the potential for confidence develops. This developing confidence brings with it a restlessness that has great passion. However, if this passion is isolated from compassion and patience, watch out!! Without patience and compassion, passion becomes  fear and/or lust driven and steals from us and others the very freedom that contentment's growing confidence brought, especially in conflict.

Paul wrote in Phillipians 4 how he learned to be content based on the riches that he had in hearing his Father's voice. David also wrote about this passionate confidence heard in Psalm 85:7-13. In contentment, he was free not only to live in passionate confidence, but was able to usher others into this freedom where heart, behavior, and speech were in harmony. I call this a Godly sincerity .

To be passionately content is to never be satisfied(Godly discontent) with any point in life's continuum while fully satisfied in Him along the way. We tend to make idols of certain points reached along the way that prevent further growth.

One can't help but celebrate whether in joy or sorrow on this road to discovery in recovery.