Leads to misunderstandings, reinforces prejudice to produce reactions. Sees life as a game instead of story. It lives to make points to score points. It will confirm negative impressions by judging to keep a distance while appearing as involved. Blames and blames.  

Ego is easily threatened thereby justifying in its often brutish and or violent reactions.  Leads to counter-reactions that turn into a vicious circle. Takes positions without considering common interests for the good.  Constantly sets people straight while crooked within its self. Sees people as problems to remove or solve as a computer would. Limits decisions by others by narrowing others' vision.

Listens with half a mind for what it agrees with to defend positions already taken and then rejects the rest.   Thinks seriously but not in order to know, but to prove. Kills the use of language that keep emotions alive by saying things like you are too emotional.

By defending its position it deceives others to their true desires by obscuring what they really want. Punishes more than rewards. Tries to gratify by symbols of wealth, power, prestige, or position because symbols can be manipulated. Plans rather than trusts.   Works from a calculating without contemplative(relational movement) mind set. Tries to be strong whether sound or not.

Speaks offensively from being defensive. So rigid in belief that it distrusts any spontaneous feelings of anger, grief, or dissent. Pays attention without giving its attention. Deceitful and competitive by choosing blindness. Incessant talking that loses awareness of persons as it works for ideals, goals, or programs.

Gets even instead of sad. Demands that others give until it hurts rather than hurting when ceases to give. Cannot love without arrogance by always thinking it knows what is best for someone else.   Has a god complex by confusing dignity with deity. Forces others to court suffering and guilt while refusing the two in its own life.

Thinks the ache in a soul is neurosis rather than awakened maturity. Thinks itself an expert because it has suffered. Speaks to perform, not necessarily communicate. Brings truth through cool self-righteousness that renders it useless. Content with fruit it once bore.   Will study to interpret rather than observe. Uses human reasoning rather than practical wisdom in spiritual matters.

Thinks domination is spiritual or spirit led. Locked into legalistic religious debates. Boasts of its love rather than the One who loves it. Ignores deep feelings of others by manipulating their intellectual beliefs. Brutally honest when criticizing others rather than brutally honest to uncover their own pain. Debates when mediation is better. 

Saves face at all costs when loss is near or realized. Refuses failure therefore kills inspiration by replacing it with dominance through coercion or manipulation.