"I'm tired."  That is a common response to the question,  "How are you doing?" Sometimes, a more accurate reflection might be,  "I'm tried".  Though I may be tired from being tried, we can infuse our conversation with deeper meaning by differentiating between the two.  Tired, or burned out is a condition resulting from operating by our own strength...usually ego driven or by some form of lust which whispers the lie more=better.  When tried, I frequently misjudge the Lord and his dealings. For example, if I lose a friend or friends even if only for a season while tried, I begin to believe the Lord has turned his back or is punishing me because He isn't listening or showing up to intervene. Instead, I should be reminded not only of my mortality, but also in whom I should truly trust as he painfully weans me from close relationships, as well as toward a deeper belief in his Sovereignty. Through this deeper belief in his Sovereignty, joy flows, and the strength of our Lord is made manifest. Nehemiah 8:10