This place where we most live is a community of isolated rather than tribal. Rallying the isolated is driven by fear, suspicion, anger or hatred. The tribal or true community isolates the innate need to be part of something and repairs and heals by unity. We could learn from a bear or Chicago with their cubs that refathering is needed to learn to be a follower who leads first out of isolation, and into protective, yet creative community.

We try to remain in isolation by our questions such as "What do I do?" The isolated tends to set-up an argument led by the thought "Yeah, but" that is expressed after given advice. Argumentative thoughts expressed as "Yeah, but" seek relief rather than healing in conflict. Concrete answers to the questions make you feel bad in order to feel yourself, maybe for the first time.

Questions, if seen as steps rather than a path to an answer, allow sight to hear "This is what I know" so I can hear what to do next expressed as "I see."

George of the Jungle, a friend to you and me, says don't club the cub but follow it out of the park and into drive.

Then see who you feel by what you formerly felt by getting your but in shape. Romans 3:21