Many differences resulting in conflict are the result of misunderstandings rather than actual wrongs. It is critical to be aware of the approach and that it be done with sensitivity and sincerity. In the approach the other should be given the benefit of the doubt while you may be doubted as to your own motives as well as met with reproach through accusations whether false, true, or partially true. Initial approaches are often riddled with inconsistent words or meanings so the first meeting or conversation may appear unsuccessful. The willingness to go back repeatedly brings a clarity often missed or wrongly heard even though a seed is almost always planted if done in a calm confidence.

The are so many variations of responses initially that often reflect a shutting down effect in either party that the resulting reactions are based more on history rather that what is happening in real time.

Continue to cultivate whatever common ground can be found so some point of stability can be reached to refer back to later. This is often discovered as soon as I give up my egotistical tendency to have to win at all costs or at least to make a point on the scoreboard.

To approach with power is to move into a place close enough where a heartbeat can be heard or a glimpse into another's soul can be seen or felt.

Where there is life found, there is life's way.