It's stunning how much good that I see being done by leaders in organizations. Yet at the same time, much unnecessary collateral damage is also done to many of the relationships involved. Proverbs 18:23 Systems must be set up not only to increase productivity but to define the rules and boundaries to play by just as in sports. However, without the leaders willing to build community within these systems many are left bleeding in the streets even though there may be a paycheck.

How often untrained leaders or leaders ruled by greed or emotion miss the great opportunities of seizing the moment given them to serve the needs of their followers or employees for healing and spiritual growth. 2 Timothy 3:1-9

Excuses of "It's just business", "I don't have to hold their hand", or "Just let me do my job" hinder my inspiration to be more than I am at any given moment.

Serve others . Yet do it by faith, not efficiency. Luke 17:5-10