Ever feel when that you are speaking it’s not from the heart? We often speak as if we are in a movie that is dubbed with someone else’s language or we are our own body double. The language used is someone else’s opinion or something we believe we are expected to say. In the presence of someone that is truly listening, words tend to begin to flow from a place that often brings tears, a feeling of shame, vulnerability, as well as feeling slightly dumb. This is because we often take a drubbing when dubbing is stopped. Speaking from the heart appears threatening to others and even to ourselves.

Please don’t confuse this with being honest because honesty is not always accuracy. Pouring one’s heart out begins with the removal of stammering when asked deep questions from someone who not only cares, but knows how to care for you.

Making sense becomes less important by taking the focus off what others think of you as you speak. The growing confidence replaces the need to be understood by revealing how much you know and understand your own life, passion, as purpose. 

As others begin to speak this way with me, the common and oft repeated question is “Am I crazy?” When you know yourself well enough to “speak for yourself” not only does it feel as crazy as a roller coaster ride, but also feels like a kid or silly.

Celebrate and share what you truly know. Discover more about yourself even when you reach a point where things seem to make less and less sense. That point is the pitchfork in the road, so feared that if I had only been dumb(crazy) enough to continue, I would have found the fountain of my youth i.e my heart in the matter.

Don’t dumb yourself down by dubbing any more than is necessary, but stammer your way into the intimacy of fluent self-awareness that speaks “I am dark, yet lovely.’