“I don’t know what to do.” This is a statement I hear every day more than once. Then I hear “I’ve got to figure it out somehow”. I call this drawing a blank or the "Gap Theory." Something seems to be missing. But is it? What if something isn’t missing?

What do I do then? I fill in the blank; i.e. I personally draw the blank as a creative act, the blank doesn’t draw itself or reveal itself as empty because something is missing. By acting on what is not missing, I will, as a result, change the way I speak and enable myself to see something (at least as far as the headlights on a car reveal at night.) The lights on my car aren’t missing even though it’s dark and I don’t fear what is ahead because I have decided to go rather than "just going."

So what was really missing? My decision to go, not the going. If I go without choosing, only going because I feel I have to, I have no meaning until some outcome. However, by then (by the time there is some outcome) I'm often so miserable that I can’t enjoy it or see the meaning in what was done/has occurred. Because of this I have to look for something else to replace what seemed to be missing in attempt to feel better.

So what was really missing? I was missing. I was missing because the decision was necessary to obtain the meaning in the act of going, not the going. The going brings understanding, but without the decision, there is no meaning to me, only the act exists without a living encounter for me.

I must decide to draw the blank as " creative act in thought", choose to fill it in, and go with the meaning.  

Life will then discover you so that you are no longer missing.

Go to the gap and fill it. Blankety-blank…