One is what one thinks. Proverbs 23:7 But when one thinks of himself as a one-man show by believing in the legend of the self-made man, the underlying issue is the need to change his deep feelings of a hardened heart at work. 

The legend of the self-made man moves into the spiritual sphere as well as the economic. Deuteronomy 8:17-18 It's far easier to change intellectual beliefs(the way I think) than deep feelings(who I am). As inevitable change occurs that cuts deep to the heart of who we are, most resort back to human reason by rigid control.

The "new and improved" concepts and methods of leadership are the subjects of continual discussion while what has already been taught is ignored. One continues to find whatever fits the bill(his of course) that is conveniently efficient to one's thinking(reasoning) without any real change from growth. Resorting to efficiency for the sake of convenience is often a poor substitute for the powerful and effective leadership of a willing heart to provide for one's employees which enables long term benefits in the short run. 

Listen to do. Exodus 4:11-12