How often we complain and argue about things that are near unchangeable. These are things embedded in our culture, the culture of our church, or institutions where we work. Even family traditions could be added to the list. Try to change them and you'll face the same challenge you face when trying to change something about yourself. It's hard to change something alone. We have all heard someone say "You've made you bed, now lie in it". Unfortunately, the bed often feels too short to be able to rest. Isaiah 28:20

My anxiety over the necessary change to survive, the guilt from not reaching my potential, and the anxiety of learning new ways to think and behave are the underlying issues.

It's impossible to handle and to heal from these issues without the help of others because the process of unlearning my old ways creates even more anxiety.

Unlearning isn't done by imitation of others. When they are out of the picture I'll just revert to my former ways and be on my own again. Judges 2:18,19

Inviting others in to help redefine my way of thinking according to my own personality and relationships through trial and error leads me to transformational change. 2 Corinthians 3:16-18

I learn to reach out in order to hold out through awareness rather than fairness. Philippians 2:14-18