Ever had someone gaze at you? Just glance? Or, think about when you glanced or gazed at someone or something. The difference between the two is significant and can be life changing. Psalm 27:4 Glancing creates many questions that not only lack answers but procrastinates the steps to them. It requires no risk or commitment. James 1:22-25

Gazing restores the lost deep sense of wonder answering the questions our hearts most deeply needed answered i.e. our position, purpose, and power to act as His son or daughter. Ephesians 1:5-19

To gaze upon is the "stareway" up and into the experience of meaning and significance that becomes more important than certainty.

Studies in psychology point out that human beings are not wired to take risk. People take risk or put themselves in risky situations because they don't think it is a risk.

What the eye of faith requires is risk and commitment rather than certainty and the world's conformity.

Psalm 119:18, Romans 12:2,3