It's interesting how often that we think we have to figure things out. The starting point is often confusion. Mysterious confusion. Deuteronomy 4:11,12 We are trained to believe we can know all the facts necessary and if all aren't known, we're weak. Didn't someone say knowledge is power? Did someone also say be strong?

However, figuring something out tends to abstractly decide how many facts must be known to declare we now know whatever "it" is.

To remove confusion and retain the mystery truth must matter. Not factual truth but truth as truly someone. This is simply acknowledging Him in all our ways or thoughts which replaces "figuring it out" with "listening to respond". Proverbs 3:5,6

Once heard, we know what to do next without having to understand or having it figured out. All of a sudden we're free to move forward.

Joy rises back to the surface and hope is restored by the Voice within. This is always about what He said rather than what we see or feel. Psalm 73-21-26

Simple living by faith rather than by sight.

Be sound if not strong. John 8:31-36