The rise to power in business or organizations through money, position, skills, contacts, or knowledge brings out the tendency to become harsh with others, not always intentional but harsh nevertheless. As wealth, power, and skills grow it becomes easier to rely on one's own wisdom since any behavior can be justified due to success.  Leading others harshly risks intensifying their doubt rather than encouraging them in belief. What is thought of as needed encouragement comes out as criticism, often harsh criticism.  Justification by success tends toward a growing self-deceit, arrogance, and harshness in dealing with others when mercy is required. Proverbs 18:23

Being sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit through obedience in community(living out of conviction) enables one to see and remain in the bigger picture rather than simply seeing only a bigger picture of oneself. John 3:30-31  Seeking to know and forgive others out of the joy as one in Christ enables leadership that is firm, yet with gentleness and respect. Genesis 50:19-21

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