I find that business men are often more emotionally driven than they realize. Yet their language of emotion rarely matches their behavior or heart. There is a detachment based on a lack of emotional intelligence of themselves. Poor decisions emerge and people are hurt in real time from this confusing use of language. To heal of this is a simple process of removing one to three words that are used repeatedly in conversation and replacing them. You must listen carefully to hear the repeated words and listen(discern) for those words that will be their replacement.

Replacing those one to three words with another word or so deepens the experience and personal knowledge of who they are in the present moment. From habit, conclusion-driven thinking based on past experiences that don't fit the need of the moment are forced into the conversation without these new words. 

The removal of what was repeated allows a deeper thought process that gets closer to the heart of the matter. A confidence and an understanding then emerges from this process of what to do next in the small things with more clarity, calmness, and gentleness. 

 The words most often used are "I feel...", "probably...", "All I did or All I said was...", "Maybe...". What follows these words in conversation is remembered without remembering what was said before them. What was said before these particular words is usually the issue at hand about the passing need of the moment. What is said after these words is conviction that is passed by unoticed. The unnoticed is often the inner whisper of the Spirit through our own mouth that when mirrored by another listening brings power and often laughter as a sign to confirm.

Men seem quite clear until emotions kick in and then confusion and conflict enters the conversation without awareness of the source.

The above examples are the most commom yet least recognized due to poor listening skills of the person or persons with these men. Psalm 73:21-22