Without repentance I'm lost in space. Yet given notice of the danger of error(sin) by the Spirit of Holiness, space and even time lost is redeemed through the gift of repentance in which I hear the whisper of forgiveness and delight in me. Psalm 18:19 Lost in my space is exausting from my legalistic and hollow view that perfection can be earned rather than received. John 1:12  Time rules over me as I calculate, plan, and attempt to reach a destination point as quickly as possible in order to no longer feel lost(insignificant) rather than being ruled by the Spirit and His timing, a timing ungoverned by the preciseness of the perfectionist's clock.

I can not live up to the perfectionist expectations I project on God. My limitied experience of the world through refusal to live consciously aware of repentance only leads to justify my eratic, unpredictable, and prejudiced behavior. Without repentance and forgiveness included, a chaotic view of the world is all that is possible. Sadly then, when you see this son, you see his view of the Father. Matthew 25:24-25 This view expects only punishment from the Father instead of being loved out of immaturity by discipline through training. Hebrews 5:7-14

As a flea but fiercely free. 1 Samuel 24:14