I call this obedience and growth or deepening understanding. One shouldn't go without the other Psalm 111:10. Managers tend to be committed, but to what? Often their own positions as in Luke 16. This commitment, though, often begins to blind us to our true interests. We confuse our wants with our true desires. Our wants start out naively as objects of our desires but obedience turns those wants into desires themselves through intimacy. An example of this is meeting someone we think we want to marry. They become the object of our desire but the desire is to marry. We seek or hunt for the objects of our desires and the weapons we use to get those objects are the only things with which we tend to have intimacy, ie a hunter with his gun, a man with his humor, a woman with her beauty.

As we're drawn deeper into the relationship the real struggle begins. That struggle is a growing necessary intimacy as a covering and protection to the relationship. Zechariah 2:8

We men are to transform from hunters to protectors who hunt. Our weapons must be laid down (submitted) to our Father for His guidance of their use.

This intimacy transforms the object of our desire into our desire. That desire as in the above example is our spouse. To be my desire is profoundly deeper than to want you.

We eventually use and abuse objects of our desire which Christ warned us about in Amos 8. We learn to love sacrificially who is our desire. Learn me, not about me. Isaiah 53:11

The Scriptures reveal that we are Christ's desire, not the object.  David's prayer to remember that was Psalm 17:8 and in Proverbs 7:2 we remember that truth and how to apply it in our own life with ourselves and others.