Goals often block our potential. Take basketball for example.  Shooting at the wrong basket (goal) will not only make you feel silly but may cost you the game. Unmet goals or goals attained without the expected satisfaction cause us to feel confused - even guilty, leading us to spiritualize our uncomfortable and often unexpected feelings by impulsively creating new goals or adding  new projects to give this discomfort the appearance of being more "Christian" like.

Striving toward greater goal-driven heights often reveals a pervasive lack of forgiveness toward others and ourselves. Much of what drives us is sustained by this unsatisfying guilt, which is a powerful, motivating force that works violently against the peace given me from simple obedience out of faith. Romans 1:;5

As this struggle intensifies, so does my struggle with impatience.  Yet as I learn to listen intently, my impatience increasingly turns into impatient prayers for opportunities to forgive; to extend the grace I've been given. Proverbs 16:8

Many projects or kind deeds performed out of this lack of peace and unforgiveness have been performed out of this spiritualized confusion . Many have done great things they were not led to do because redemptive grace was refused while being busily committed to goals driven by guilt.

May we stop the guilt-driven "do-gooder" spiritualizing and simply be forgivenly led through the goal making process so that potential is unlocked and unlimited. Philippians 4:13