Able to see and enjoy the mysterious unfolding of beauty in front and inside of me. Enlightened by new patterns of thought forming through mirrors of experientially timely words, timing becomes more important than time. Proverbs 25:11 An awareness grows of being empowered into freedom from the use of brute force that is replaced by the strength of influential gentleness. From Cyclops to single-eyed focus, I’m learning to live without the monstrous blind spots created by cultural myths that darken truth, its expression, and its joy. Matthew 6:22,23

I gradually move out of the reflective suffering of the status quo that counsels me not to commit because of the wasted energy of worrying about what people think.  

My overdeveloped analytical abilities and underdeveloped will no longer have power to keep me from the fresh commitments I can now make to the One who has the combination unlocking my heart and mind.

I unlearn the commitments that have defined me which are unstated and usually unrecognized.  

Slowly, the painfully harsh judgements against my emotions are being lifted. I can now listen for and interpret who I am through my emotions as they create the background music for my new life and its beauty. 1 Corinthians 14:15