From a creative standpoint, giving into giving up a dream is one of the easiest, yet most painful and frustrating acts in one's life. By giving up a dream, I don't mean putting off the important parts of life to chase a fantasy, I mean giving up that creative side that one can carry until it's possible to live out in whatever form it takes. Many never truly enter their dream because the belief is that once they enter, the dream is corrupted because of how poorly they view themselves in combination with not knowing their true selves. It takes courage, the purest form of courage, to continue to carry and or enter because one must get to the heart of one's soul to live there. Without that self-soul knowledge, you cannot possess the dream because it possesses and controls you in such a way that you have try to force it or escape it.

Forcing or escaping it creates a false sense of loneliness where one then finds multiple ways to fill the hole of the dream that lives in me. Delays (that the pain & frustration cover up) by my ways deny my soulful experience of the strength needed to enter that dream or skillfully develop myself for it to unfold by creative acts of my time. Thus I'm using my creative power to destroy, rather than create, something in me, others, or both because of the anger that develops.

Some of the greatest guilt comes from this type of anger which underlies the pain and frustration demonstrated by most who say they are hurting and frustrated. This anger prevents them from seeing their true self and living out their dream that I call unrealized potential.

Yet there seems no way out. Or is there?

To be continued (observed)..

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