One of the great risks in leadership is not seeing the whole picture. At any point in time there are potentially two conflicting issues going on - the bigger picture issue and the circumstantial, momentary issues within the bigger picture.  For example we can get so caught up in the job at hand that we loose sight of the purpose of our work.  While perfect vision is not required, undistracted quietness in our vision is essential to keep hold of and not lose site of the bigger picture. Isaiah 30:15 The same principle holds true in our personal lives.  We need this elastic and unifying ability to look intently at life issues and encourage healing action rather than merely correcting and controlling behavior. It's a freedom to excell without the chronic defensiveness that prevents serving others with others as part of a team. James 1:25-27

I make every effort to analyse an issue using concious logic until I reach a point of freedom from the analysis where I'm led to open up to intuitive, if not counterintuitive insight. My "inspired" logic evolves into action based on furthering the bigger picture while acting in the immediate moment. Hosea 14:8-9

I'm stopped short of the boastful one-man-show tendency that whispers the lie that by failing to rely solely on my logic I'm putting my brain in my back pocket. God gave me a brain. Therefore, I must use it! Right? It can be both terrifying and humbling to restrain my manipulative, intellect-driven ability which acts, skillfully, based on past known or seen experience without envisioning purpose driven reasoning.  1 Chronicles 14:13-17

The devil is not the one in the details, but the one whispering distractions in the bigger and smaller pictures. I Chronicles 28:19

Seek first Christ driven reasoning. Isaiah 1:18

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