We must remember that we are not always fighting fire with fire The opaque veil of self is something that needs to be removed daily; the Helmet of Salvation, the hope, doesn't seem to fit quite right when there is something blocking my vision and impairing my hearing.

When a spiritual problem arises, a natural reaction is to find something physical to fight it with.  We hope that the pain will go away, but we are ill-equipped when using weapons that are irrelevant to the battle.  Our guns backfire on us.  How do we move in the direction of what we hope for if we are standing in our own way?

I can begin to lift the veil when I understand what my true hope is.  If He will increase, then I will decrease.  If we feel the cold breath of death blow against our necks, we can rest assured knowing that something greater, or Someone unexplainable, is filling our hearts with life, making them beat louder than bombs, and blowing us away into abundance.

Let us move forward with our hope fitting so tightly around us that the veil has nowhere to rest.