When fear of the future becomes a simple fear without thought of the future, one begins to look back differently. By differently I mean that we typically look back through images that have become not only fixed in our mind, but fixed to certain emotions. That is why when we feel a certain emotion, a prejudice from our memory from fixed images causes us to react without discerning what is happening in real time. Our memory, then, clouds our discernment. Fear is given as a vehicle for enlightenment, as well as guidance toward adjustment and/or adaptation to what is real. When that fear is uncorrupted, it combines and involves both the old and the new (images). As fear of the future becomes simply fear, we begin to look back and memories come to mind with images and emotions that aren’t fixed. This allows us to separate (and integrate) real time images and emotions into the scene while involving the past to help navigate "back into the future", especially in a crises or in what appears as one.

When the Lord tells us, "Do Not Fear"- in it's essence it means without simple fear, we can't know who we really are in the now with the confusing images and emotions as well as this path we can tread with nothing to fear, afraid or not.

The "gift” of fear in its simplicity, acts as a blueprint that allows us to (begin to) look back with understanding rather than regret. This simple fear turns into a broader perspective needed; thus, a mountain appears as a majestic, exciting adventure to ascend, rather than fearing how to descend afterwards. Once we begin to ascend, there is mountain of fear, doubt, and disappointment over the past to descend.  Refusing this descent will create confusing anger from a narrow-minded paralyzing intellectual-only assent.


There "ain’t no mountain high enough" to descend only intellectually with no regret. Restore the spirit of adventure before the next adventure so that what’s found is higher ground with a sound that is so familiar that the anxiety-driven contempt of fear of the fear is grounded down.