Deep calls to deep
revealing everything is related
as is everyone being
made from the same clay
so it is stated.
As deep calls to deep
as faith calls forth more faith
as Ancient calls youth
since the days of old
answering the question
"What is Truth?"
based on what was told.

There's nothing new under the sun,
yet all becomes new by My Son.

For the truth, way, and life is My Son.
Truth becomes a lived reality
by commitment to Him, the One.
As deep calls to deep
I, the Lord, do all these things.
Hear me, your Father, as I sing.
I, the Ancient, call you my off-spring.

There's nothing new under the sun,
yet you grow newer by My Son.

Deep calls to deep as
I create prosperity
and create disaster.
So which above
is the Jar of Alabaster?
What seemed as waste
by one summation,
was transformed by Grace
into worship and adoration.

The Lord is sovereign.
I'm in his keep.
That's what I hear when deep sings to deep.

George Landolt