It's hard to break(brake) the habit of digging up the old to make an excuse for a new and improved version versus digging into the new. We tend to recycle what is already known in new ways rather than discerning new discoveries about who we are and what we are to do; for that is the very best even when we don't do our best. Our deep need for bragging rights as self-made self-starters often demands that we be the best at expense of the best. Why is this? We direct tremendous effort in trying not to fail rather than the creative tension in our life brought on by the Holy Spirit where we no longer have to try not to fail. Romans 3:21

We either succeed or fail with victory because we learn from our mistakes. Wisdom from the Holy Spirit when led by faith interprets the failures for us as training, learning, discipline, or a combination.

Creatively receive the very best as it is discerned and live that out in real time(heart bent).

We are not to be remembered as having Fled the Flint Stone. Torch out(Be still) and Peace in(then rock on), but not returning to folly.  Isaiah 50:7-11

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