We so often get bogged down in our disappointments and the powerful effects on us from these that we begin to seek some form of relief with a vengeance. What we do from that point is just shift our disappointment to a new object whether it be a person or project and the feeling from that is that of power, yet there is no real power. This is simply what I call fear as power in reverse.

The feeling is similar to backing up in your car at high speed. You may have the feeling of getting somewhere but it feels more like a growing crisis with an accident waiting to happen. It worsens in the fact that after I make my decision to shift my disappointment to something or someone else, the decision itself takes on strength or confidence making it hard to reverse when wrong.

The real shift that should take place is a shift in the actual power itself that empowers me. We all have experienced this in times where we were moved in such a way that a deep feeling of passion came over us in such a natural way that no intellectual tendency to argue or prevent it could stop us.

There is a freedom in this experience that transcends disappointment into a previously hidden joy with strength that clears the fog off the mirror of our self image and begins the healing that reshapes our view of ourself and others.

Suffering from disappointment then becomes a privilege of sharing, enlightenment, and connection that kicks the ass of what divides our hearts and lives so we can float like a bumble bee and sting like a butterfly.

As Friedrich von Schiller wrote "Disappointment is to the soul what the thunder-storm is to the air".