Hosea 11:4 “I drew them with human cords, with bands of love; I fostered them like one who raises an infant to his cheeks." The infant is so close he can feel the warmth of the Father's breath. This verse out of the NAB translation is the closest that I can find to reveal the most basic definition of a child's obedience. We could read this from the view of the Father and easily overlook the perspective of the child. This verse sets the Old Testament context of Christ's words in Matthew 11:25,26.

The natural spontaneity and freedom that a child has is often forgotten from the blows of life causing deep sadness, fear, anger, and pain.

These emotions often cause panic attacks or what seems as attacks that can run us into isolation. This is due to the confusion from a tender conscience that has been brought about through experiences such as shattered expectations, envy, comparison, rejection, and "failure".

I wrote this blog after attending a birthday party for Michael Turner of Dawind Music Group Saturday afternoon. Nathan Lee was invited to sing for an hour to honor Michael and I went with him.

As most musicians know, playing for this type of event can be intimidating because it often seems that no one is listening to the music. Everyone appears to be talking and loudly. You wonder is it worth it?

Sitting in the audience at shows like this I have always enjoyed watching people’s reaction to the music as much as the music itself. Influence has always been a mystery to me whether through music, speaking, acting, etc. It's a subject I've studied and thought about since I was in high school.

As I saw more and more people begin to listen to Nathan's lyrics, it was interesting to see how an unknown voice to most in attendance began to influence their attention.

During the second or third song a girl who was between 3 and 5 years old moved up to a table just in front of the stage with her parents. Then she stepped away from the table and began to dance. Her dancing was like most young girls (and drunk white men). Jumping. twirling around, and almost losing her balance at each end of the twirl.

She appeared to respond to the music without understanding what was said. She captured the attention of several watching the show simply by her spontaneity and freedom, seemingly without fear or shame. She even stopped at times to see if anyone was watching besides her parents.

While playing the song Beautiful, Nathan came to the line "spin around" and then suddenly the girl stopped jumping and twirling. She in perfect balance began to spin around. It was as if she was waiting for her recognizable cue of obedience.

Her understanding of the music was to dance without the fear of misunderstanding what was said. Yet, when the simple command of "spin around" was sung, there was no hesitation or difficulty to act on this personal and specific call no matter what she felt. Psalm 30:10-12

I was reminded through her of the meaning of obedience in the Old Testament. We run toward the "sayer" or Voice.

To know the Voice is to know to whom the Voice speaks. Deuteronomy 4:12, Jeremiah 33:3