Often when something has happened that is painful we feel we must scream or become deathly silent. But once we're allowed to talk through it, we begin to feel the healing reality of being knocked off balance by pain in the descriptions we use to describe such.  Examples include "I feel like I'm talking in circles", "talking outside of both sides of my mouth", "rambling", or "going off on a tangent".

Once talking through this pain begins, so does the healing. The reason is that we have been met where we truly are by someone giving us this freedom as well as our true self being felt.

The experience of not being alone is being rich in its truest sense. I've been heard because someone is with me! Philippians 4:19

If the pain deepens as it often does when healing begins I picture in my own mind that I'm talking and feeling as if I'm on a tilt-a-whirl at the county fair, a feeling much more off balance than talking in circles.

But something about it touches the joy in me that is far deeper than anything I feel.

There is an excitement to this like I had going to the county fair in Murray, Ky. as a child.

I think I just need to go back to the county fair more often, watch the beauty contest(Psalm 27:4), and get another "ticket to ride".

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