Atlas unshrugged. Dancing where we are is obedience reflecting the Truth that we are free inside the court. Psalm 100  In direct contrast is our insane inclination to carry the world on our shoulders driven by unhealthy guilt when the ball is in our court.  Realizing the Scriptures are God's voice(John 16:8-10), I am free from trying to figure it all out before I act. I can then not only thank Him for guidance ahead of time in faith(Proverbs 3:5-6), but I understand why I'm moved not as the fox trotts(Song of Solomon 2:15 false teachers), but as a hair short of the tortoise in the sheepfold. From impulsive aggression to reflectively proactive, as Jacob, after his self-will was broken and surrendered with compassion toward himself and others. Genesis 32:28-31, 33:14