The Mat is where it's at!                            

Unfolding of the mat gives light to purpose and prize                  

as unfolding of God's Word gives light, making the simple wise.                                  

The mat is protection to the athlete from the fall.                                       

It softens the blow when you give it your all.                                    

It's boundaries are there to guide and to direct                                          

as well as determine the fullness of effect                                             

which is the grace of God for the elect.                                              

On it flow tears of joy and celebration                                             

as well as suffering and false accusation.                                    

Limiting experience to it's presence by rules of law                                           

it's the Spirit of such that removes the flaw.                                                   

To win and not lose seems the task,                                                     

The crown of victory is the mask.                                              

Guidance by the eye of the Father                                                       

through which to trust and obey.                                                               

It's not to win or lose                                                           

but Grace to be able to play.                                                                

To be "Pro Wrestling",                                                             

you're "For the Struggle"                                        

now limiting other choices

that were hard to juggle.                                                        

Whether and how you endure                                                 

with a spiritual and/or physical limp               

It's God's strength that makes the weaknesses and temptations exempt.                                                                       11/27/2003