Thinking inside the box doesn't require a graveside service, though thinking outside the box may have. Hebrews 13:11-13 This thinking is timely in a growth phase and an embalmer shouldn't be needed to straighten me out.

After inorganically thinking outside the box in order to have created something new, organically thinking inside transforms my stubborn stamina and anger into patient endurance with discernment through obedience. Then begin necessary deeper changes in my character. My former anger that was used to protest the offensive or stifling status quo can now begin to build the bridge required to unify and strengthen the old with the new that are true. 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

Needed is innovative leadership that combines seemingly unrelated information and people in new ways in a new season. This is the environment that continues an organization's rise to excellence. To change from only thinking outside the box to inside feels and looks like we're out of it. Acts 26:24

This new season forces me to rethink the differing influences on me between the magical and miraculous. There is plenty to validate the magical through experience and precedent that I can fall back on. This is propagated by all the self help product pervasive throughout. Philippians 3:3

The desire for the magic solution competes strongly against the miraculous whisper deep in my heart to surrender both my angry rebellion and brokenness to continue as one being taught. Isaiah 50:4,5

I learn to not have to fight though I still am willing. I must allow the intense emotions that overruled my original reluctance into action to remain fully alive in a passion driven by a burden from the Lord for others. Romans 12:4-8

I channel this warrior mentality into a fierce, yet gentle commitment to leadership that is inclusive, clarifying, and respectful which, if needed, can break a bone in order for it to heal. Proverbs 25:15

I may even learn that some of my former enemies may have been convicted to change their opposing views and come along side of what is true. I can ignore this if I continue to call my prejudices and judgemental attitudes toward them correct assumptions. Proverbs 16:7

The feeling of any new season is as though I'm beginning to run in circles though as Jefferson Starship wrote in their song Miracles "I can hear windmills and rainbows whenever you're talking to me. I feel like swirling and dancing whenever you're walking with me". Psalm 30:11-12

These times keep us young and prepared if we don't become comfortably entrenched in thinking based on start-up or former successes. Psalm 103:5

This second wind of the Spirit is refreshing as the first, yet can be frightening as we are carried to a new level. Restored first are wonder and joy or at least re-energized if only dulled. Pursuit of excellence through thinking inside the box requires this. Acts 2:42,43

We are stopped short of our perfectionist tendencies that change the vision or dream into a paralyzing nightmare through analytical reflection. Galatians 3:3

I go organic as I abandon myself to the strengths of others commonly known as delegating. By welcoming the family into this process they bring knowledge not only of the hidden depths of culture far better and quicker than most outsiders could, but also keep me from unchecked individualism. Hebrews 10:25

Many mistakes can come out of the desire for only an outsider as someone new when we are called as a like-minded family to step together into what is possibly a new season unfolding which is guided by the Word. 2 Chronicles 30:12

This requires leadership that provides a safe environment that restores thought and it's freedom and methods to communicate openly and clearly. Isaiah 32:1-4

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