GHL DICTIONARY: noun, The Leader's Lexicon of Contrarian Vocabulary, Terminology, and Essays. 

Origin: 2003 - George began to transcribe his poetry, thoughts, wisdom and meditations. Evolved in 2006 when George started using the platform of THE BLOG as an electronic database to gradually publish these writings. In 2014, the transcribed posts were organized alphabetically to create a catalogue of "the GHL Dictionary."

  • ?---> ! : Come. From Confusion to Hope.
  • A
    • ABBA: 
      1. Child's play. A child knows the difference between an invisible God and an unknown one. Galatians 4:4-9  
      2. The reign maker.
    • Accountability: see blog post
    • Accusation: 
      • A voice that often sounds like our own.
      • Often we experience accusations as a drug(excuse) to remain asleep by only hearing them as criticism. Instead be aware time has come to be thankful it is the alarm by which to awaken.
      • Only fit to be tied. Psalm 109:19
    • Acknowledgement: Peering inside as to what's going on intuitively. Proverbs 3:5,6
    • Achievement: A medicine for morale, but not morality. 
    • Adam's Apple: The apple of the eye that became a lump in the throat.
    • Affection: Response of delight. Exodus 2:6
    • Agreed: There can be a union of affection even when there is disagreement.
    • Alert: Disciplined by wisdom.
    • Analytical Risk: Separating the voice from the subject making it a distant object. Amos 8:4-11
    • Anger Management: Mind over madder and madder.
    • Anger Mismanagement: Taking madder into our own hands.
    • Anointed Point: A person who makes a difference instead of making only a point will by his example point out the differences by showing how pointless a point can be if it makes no difference.
    • Apathetic: One of the two most common ways sons or daughters describe their fathers, see Hostile.
    • Approval Junkie: I'm just being dishonest.
    • Armor All: Full body message. Ephesians 6:10-18
    • Arrogance: 
      • Ascending the denial of descent.
      • The prideful display of the misuse of strength that justifies behavior in an attempt at covering true motive.
    • Attention: One of the greatest gifts one can give to another is the gift of one's attention.
    • Attitude: Depth finder.
    • Aware: Persuaded to listen.
    • Awe: 
      1. Instructive power.
      2. Exausted human speech.
  • B
    • BAAAA: It's difficult to say the word "bad" when the Shepherd is singing to his sheep. Zephaniah 3:17
    • Beauty Mark: Separating lust from passion. Psalm 119:18
    • Becoming One: Intensely intimate, yet separate, as opposed to turning away and withdrawing. John 17:22
    • Blame:
      1. Hide Park.
      2. Intellectual answer to pain and suffering by rote control. 
      3. Fraternal twin to deceit.
      4. What Jesus wouldn't do.
      5. Nursing anger.
      6. The most common action from unanswered questions. The erroneous assumption is that knowing the answers guarantees the results I seek or am told I'll reach. If I stop blaming, I probably will replace it with grumbling and complaining.But if I stop those two, I will begin to discover ways of character development that bring recognition, self-development, and clarity. I am now able to learn how to use my strengths for others and let others use their strengths for me. 
    • Blameless: No longer aiming to blame but obeying in the Name I AM.
    • Blind Spots: Blind spots create blind force that become blunt force. Sharpen the eye, soften the ear, and cultivate the heart by self-knowledge.

    • Blunt: I'm often blunt when I'm not sharp. 2 Timothy 2:14-15

    • Big Chill: Failure, brokeness, and defeat. Psalm 34:18

    • Bitter: Steeping rather than stepping out. James 3:14

    • Bitterness: 

      • Mind grief without the heart.

      • Harbors the dredge rather than dredges the harbor. James 3:14

      • The art of making your own heart diseased.

    • Boldness: Boldness is not about being fearless but about being able to see the door that is opened whether the door is into a heart or into an opportunity and entering. Now that is something for which to pray.

    • Brain Storm: The left brain storming toward the heart to join the right brain in order not to tip over from what it often trips over.

    • Brave Souls: This is not a shoe company but they do get walked on

    • Breakthrough: When our breaking point becomes a turning point. This happens to the least of these in the smallest of things.  An incremental step of hope through faith rather than a leap of faith. Leaps often just land us in a heap rather than hope.

    • Brutish: A Cain doesn't make you Abel so be careful what crutches you rely upon or from whom your influence comes.

    • Bud Light: Jonathan's friendship. 1 Samuel 23:16

  • C:
    • Called: We can jump but can not turn ourselves over. John 6:44 
    • Can't Sleep? : Psalm 3:5, 4:4,16:7, 119:55, 62, 147, 148
    • Cart Blanche: Intent revival. Genesis 45:27
    • "Caught off Guarded" : The impossible seems to happen when I'm hurting too much to believeit can.
    • Change: Often mistakingly called crisis. Crisis thinking is denial of change.
    • Checkmate: The giver with his hand out. Luke 16:9
    • Childishness: Self-generated pain from craving or demanding repetitive reassurances from others that never satisfy. See blog post.
    • Childish Indifference: Made possible by the commitment to separate one's youthfulness from whom we now think we are or have to be. We then try to bury it with the dull tool of an immature mind. See blog post.
    • Childlike: 
      • Circumventing the ego instead of truth. 1 John 3:1
      • No need to deprogram.
    • Christlike: Cultivating, not calculating, intimacy. 1 Corinthians 13:5
    • Censor: Razing questions; antonym: sensor. See blog post. 
    • Clay-Doh: Servers with gliches. 2 Corinthians 4:7
    • Clear and Simple:
      •  As I speak clearly, it appears I have thought about what I spoke. As I speak simply, it's as if I spoke without thought, even possibly making it up out of thin air. To answer concrete questions with concrete answers, it appears that the answers are abstract (too good to be true) rather than concrete (so obvious), meaning too good not to be true.
    • Cluttered Mind: Theoretical junkyard.
    • Cohere: Listening both ways before crossing. Ephesians 4:3
    • Colossians 2:6-8: It's the Head, not the tale.
    • Committed: Slip fit. Proverbs 24:16
    • Commitment:
      1. of the will. 
      2. The thrill of freedom. Freedom is the foundation of commitment and commitment is an exercise of the willing.
    • Community: Never having to say things only once one way. 2 Peter1:12,13
    • Compassion: 
      1. Gut wrench.
      2. Compassion leads to the growing realization of how deep the pain really is. It allows one to move towards and stand still beside the one who is hurting in order to be a vessel for the power needed for healing through connecting.
      3. The opposite of "Win a few, lose a few". 
      4. Suffering with someone not just to understand their pain, but to intimately know what is required. Matthew 9:35-38
    • Complaining: The high pitch hit from a foul bawl.
    • Compassion: Changing someone's future today.
    • Compassionate Honesty: When the scope on my weapon has a mirror.
    • Compassionate Passion: What makes you tick instead of making you like a tick.
    • Compromise: The middle of the edge that borders on the feeling alleged.
    • Condescending: Claiming superiority. Luke 18:9
    • Confession: Garbage bin there done that.
    • Conflict Resolution: see blog post.
    • Confidence: Defensive arrogance transformed. Hebrews 10:35
    • Conscious Repentance: Aware of our wares of response and responsibility to God. 1 Corinthians 7:24
    • Confusion: 
      • I have a question before I have a dream.
      • The removable haze of immovable troubles.
    • Confusing: 
      • (as in Utterly Confusing): The rejection of anything that removes the serenity of our intellectual conceit put us in this state. The are many reasons why we do this but the main one is refusing the light available in our present life today, not tomorrow or yesterday. Psalm 36:9
    • Contemplative: Deep thought and determined purpose.
    • Control: The way we split ourselves in two. A part of me this and a part of me that. It is trying and trying separates us even more from our real selves. No wonder we are susceptible to varying degrees of panic attacks from living as two rather than one. See blog post
    • Control Freak: One who lacks self-control.
    • Controlling: The unconscious embrace of shame.
    • Conviction: 
      1. Near sighted and cross eyed.
      2. Hearty cooperation.
      3.  produces a vale...(Psalm 84:6)
      4.  produces a vale of tears that have a voice...(Psalm 39:12)
      5.  produces a vale of tears that have a voice and that wash away along the way the blinding veil. (2 Corinthians 3:14-18
    • Conviction (to wait): The rebooting of conscience to act strategically with delays.
    • Contrast: retains the knowledge that comparison reveals in order to end with what's right, not just with what's wrong. 
    • 2 Corinthians 2:14: Makes scents.
    • Corn Fed: Hunger is never a thing of the past, yet be careful not to give everyone an ear full. James 1:19,20
    • Counterintuitive: What is counterintuitive is often counter-instinctive
    • Courage: 
    1. The boldness to enter into or break out of an intolerable situation.
    2. Often can have the appearance of doing nothing. Psalm 27:14
    3. Progressive seasoning.
    • Criticism: The fear of criticism often paralyzes as much as criticism itself. Both kill spontaneity and creativity. Great faith rather than small scruples. Romans 14:1, 22-23
    • Cross Walk: Light on my feet while grounded rather than high. Psalm 143:10
  • D: 
    • De-calf: Stillness. Hosea 6:6
    • Deceit: fraternal twin to Blame.
    • Defensive: 
    1. The perpetual state of demanding innocent blood, fear killing hope.
    2. The refusal to allow a personal problem to be processed by dialogue. Emotional abandonment demanding perfection. 
    3. Armed pit.
    • Defensive Suspicion: Trying to out-hiss a snake while acting like one.
    • Delegating: Grace eliminates boasting in order to free leaders as mentors through entrusting. 2 Timothy 2:1-2
    • Denial: 
      1. All responsibility belongs to someone else.
      2. Glossing over the glossary.
      3. Hidden feelings trumping hidden potential.
    • Delight: The tender non-judgmental action of seeingothers by which  the letter "a"  is removed from the word acute.
    • Devoted: Burned up but not burned out. Committed wholeheartedly. Self removed. Accountability bringing out hidden potential driven by the Spirit. In-sourced to be outsourced.
    • Difficult Acts: Loving difficult people is better by acts than by words.
    • Discerning: Above see level.
    • Discernment: Remembering the future.
    • Discernment out of Indifference: When one recognizes he wounds not only by his words or actions, but simply by the mere fact of his being. Proverbs 3:27,28.
    • Discipling: Producing good ears to make good years. Easy listening is hard work because it requires walking before talking.
    • Discipline: 
      1. Chew, chew, train.
      2. Gem workout. 
      3. The gentle(compassionate) violence against your feelings as it leads to the action of movement or stillness where the miraculous moments are born.
      4. Detouring immediate gratification into satisfaction. Psalm 90:14-17. See blog post.
      5. A result of, not a cause of, death to self, not imprisonment. See blog post.
    • Discipline of Wisdom: Response without a reaction.
    • Disconnected: Lip-syncing conclusions. James 2:18,19, 1 John 3:18
    • Dissembling: The bling of the hypocrite.
    • DNA: Doing nothing authentic. Don't just dance to our DNA. Dance to what is specifically authentic, not just specific.
    • Dollar Signs: When my heart is in someone else's chest. Ecclesiastes 4:4
    • Dove Slope: The cleansing descent to the height of awareness. James 4:7-10
    • Double Entendre: Man with a child in his eyes. Want to know the man? Look into his eyes. Boy, oh boy. 2 Kings 4:16,32-36 
    • Doubt:
      1. Negates desire.
      2. Arrested Development
    • Downright Upright: Determined integrity. Psalm 25:21
    • Drudgery: Discipline without direction, see blog post.
    • Dry Drowning: Streaming negativity.
  • E:
    • "Edges Without Borders" : I can trust even when I can't trace. Psalm 119:96
    • Effective Mentoring: Keeping ahead of the sharp perceptions of the focused.
    • Embracing Darkness:  keeps (one) from lighting up. Isaiah 50:10,11. See blog post.
    • Emotional Roadblocks: See blog post.
    • Emotional Freedom: Integrating thoughts, connecting their ideas, and living up to the dreams they reveal.
    • Empathetic: In venting.
    • Employee of the Month: Isn't necessarily the companion of the weak. Luke 12:15
    • Empowered: While many look for answers, signs, and Divine proofs, few experience the power. Ephesians 1:17-19
    • Empty Words: Echoes without the mirrored image.
    • Enabled: Forgiveness enables the future and trust enables future perfomance. 2 Corinthians 5:17-20
    • Encouragement: 
      1. Carrying the bar rather than setting it. Acts 11:26   
      2. A critical discipline.
      3. Sparks from this fire ignite dry hearts.
      4. At its heart, it teaches how to worship.
    • End of My Rope: The direction to the right question: "Abba?"
    • Enlightened: 
      1. Enlightened is when the mind itself is strengthened to see through its stored information so that it can hear without asking and believe without reasoning when our questions and arguments get in the way. There is a lot of stress from an educated guess that complicates the profound of uncharted ground.
      2. Where understanding deepens and perspectives change. Ephesians 1:18-23
    • Envy: The prideful display of the misuse of strength that justifies behavior in an attempt at covering true motive.
    • Ephesians 4:4: Come from the ruin of your hopes to a better loyalty.
    • Epiphany: 
      1. Loved at first sight.
      2. When insight transcends experience into essence.
    • Effects of Resentment: see blog post
    • Exaggeration: Where desire lies.
    • Excellence: Preparing for imperfection.
    • Excuses: 
      • Pointless points.
      • Neither satisfy nor demystify.
    • Exercise: Telling your body it is spring time.
    • Experiential: Voice-activated touch. Zephaniah 3:9
  • F:
    • Facials: Non-verbal communication. James 4:9,10
    • Fair Promises: Lighthearted without a serious note.
    • Faith: 
      1. A gift from God to test(rely upon) His power without testing Him.
      2. Security through risk of commitment. 
      3. The powerful inner urge of life. Matthew 11:12
      4. Faith, not the devil, is in the details. See blog post
      5. A knowledgeable response or action to God our Father's communication with us.
    • Faithful: Thrilling predictability through hyper creativity trumping hyper rationalization.
    • False Dilemma: The wrong question.
    • False Guilt: Convinces you that you are in despair without God's favor rather than simply perplexed and free to receive His needed comfort. 2 Corinthians 4:8
    • False Humility: 
      1. Humility that is born out of etiquette rather than conviction or attitude.
      2. Self-Belittlement. See blog post
    • False Teachers: Traps without the springs in them. 2 Timothy 3:5
    • Fantasy Free: Sticking out your feet instead of your neck. Receiving a hand rather than having your head handed to you. John 13:8. See Foot-Loosed.
    • Fatally Fluent: When I can't see through the words that I am speaking.
    • Fatigue: Smoked. Choked. Provoked. Psalm 119:83
    • Fault Line: 
      1. It's all yours. Putting my words in God's mouth. Matthew 25:24  
      2. Blame transfer.
    • Fear:
      1.  A fountain or a mountain.
      2. Cuts truth in halves so that things that may not be true seem true.
      3. Dialogue blocker, see shame. 
      4. An emotion in its own ocean. A feeling often unable to associate with other feelings.
    • Feast: A "stake" in the outcome. Revelation 3:20
    • Feel: I Feel... Therefore I am. Luke 15:17,20
    • Feeling: The head of first impressions that has a mind of its own. 
    • Fishy: Dishonest scales of lovelessness expressing itself through more air and less chips in the bag. Amos 8:5
    • Floored: The reality of being walked on. 1 John3:16
    • Fluency: Words properly circumstanced.
    • Fluency Flu: Speaking when silence is better.
    • Fluent: 
      • Let jargons' bygones be jargons' bygones.
      • Listening to what is being said rather than thinking about what you will say in response.
    • Focused Attention: Removes the distraction of being only focused on what to say.
    • Follower: 
      1. Having dust on your face that you don't have to shake off your feet.
      2. Wonders after rather than wonders at.
    • Foot-Loosed: Sticking out your feet instead of your neck. Receiving a hand rather than having your head handed to you. John 13:8. See Fantasy Free.
    • "For Better Until Worse": Marriage is brutal on the selfish.
    • Forgetfulness: The condition we often call peace.
    • Forgiveness: 
    1. Relentless unceasing tenderness that can be shared practically and experientially to strengthen and reroute if needed.
    2. I distinctly remember forgetting that. Psalm 103:9-12
    • Forgiveness and Repentance: Carry-on luggage, not baggage.
    • Forgiving: Remembering to forget.
    • Freedom: 
      1. Go in peace or go in pieces. 
      2. From grazing in the dust to grazing in the grass.
      3. see poem
    • Friendship: Sticker shock. Proverbs 18:24
    • Fruit Loops: Loving one another. John 15:16-17
    • Frustration: 
    1. Often a convoluted set of assumptions caused by poor communication.
    2. The act of beginning to think and then stopping.
    3. The unpredicted experience that didn't fit the expectation of the plan.
    4. Delayed gratitude. Blocked is wisdom's ability to generate the patience needed. Patience perceives rightly. Frustration is the result of untrained force. Proverbs 16:32
    • Frustrated:
    1. The impatient quickness of anger attempting to slow down by anger.
    2. Stoned on Weakness
    3. When someone fails to meet our wrong expectations.
    4. Personal matters running interference in spiritual matters. Proverbs 22:12
    5. Musing on something confusing. Balking by not talking, Sadness becoming madness.
    6. Going back repeatedly to a previous point instead of pointing forward with a different attitude.
    7. Fuss overrated. 
    8. Strong reasons expressed impatiently. 
    • Fully present: Picture perfect without the need of a picture.
  • G:
    • Gentleness:  
      1. Soft music from a powerful speaker. 
      2. path to resolve inner conflict, removing fear of being lost, of bad news, and overbearing responsibility. Antonym: Meanness. See blog post. Soft music from a powerful speaker
    • Gentle Practicality: Community organization bred out of faith.  John 6:5-13
    • Gloomy Room: I meet with many who believe they are the smartest one in the room. Why is it they appear the most cynical, full of gloom?
    • Glueness: Seeing only what you want to see.
    • Go: Tuned in whether decked out or not.
    • Go Forth: Fire and works.
    • Golden Rule: Break all the rules of "fairness" by loving others the way they uniquely need to be loved. Matthew 7:12
    • Goldrush: Mining my own business. Job 23:10
    • Good Mourning: Wake up call. 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
    • Goodness: Mercy received that is sensitive, intensive, and c
    • Gospel Logic: Eternal counsel. Psalm 119:96
    • Gossip: 
      1. Table rap.
      2. Where the devil resides in de tale.
      3. Tale gating.
      4. The head wind of the tale wind.
      5. Tale pipe.
    • Growth:
      • The journey of destinations.
      • Seeking wisdom over relief.
    • Grace: Dove award. Luke 11:13
    • Gratitude: Recruiting power.
    • Gray Hair: Old school suffering
    • Grief: When we get mad or frustrated and these emotions don't lead us to grieving what happened, the transforming power that is given to us is forfeited. To grieve is to be a loved one or the least of these and the capacity to receive is reopened.
    • Grief Observed: A sorrowful heart that feels alone is the greatest grief.
    • Grieving: Raining in the heart.
    • Grieving with Hope: Sad and convinced by joy. John 16:33
    • Grounded: High enough to scratch the surface. Colossians 2:7
    • Guidance: The teaching of the inner meaning that is not so apparent in translation of an action or words.
  • H
    • Half Baked: A piece of peace that crumbles at every turn.
    • Half Truths: Craftily decked out in attractive dress in order that they appear more true than truth itself when I'm fearful and/or deceived.
    • Happiness: It's more than circumstances. It's the feeling of trust.
    • Hard Headed: A pain from a pain.
    • Hardened Heart: Rejecting not only authority, but affection. Luke 15:28-32
    • Harmony: The life script aligned with the transcript.
    • Harshness: 
    • Healed: When I cried so hard that I laughed.
    • Healing: 
      1. From the seesaw to the swing.
      2. Comes from tenderness and rest. See blog post
    • Heart Pour: Speaking fully, feeling silly.
    • Heart-Throb: I AM not the same old song and dance. Psalm 28:7
    • Heart Transplant: Moving the heart from the sleeve to the treasured chest.
    • Heir Plane: Built by the Right Brother. Galatians 4:1-7, Proverbs 18:24
    • Hesitate: It's important to understand why something is said even when what is said is misunderstood. James 1:19
    • High Blood Pressure: A growing awareness of what Christ shed, did, and said on the cross.
    • Hocus Focus: The shift from a present strength to a past weakness.
    • Holy Affair: Outward beauty meets inward recognition. Psalm 85:10-11
    • Honesty: Honesty is not always accuracy. See blog post
    • Hope: 
      1. Near rather than nearly.
      2. To heaven with you.
      3. Known therefore understood or understood therefore known.
      4. I resemble that remark. 1 John 3:3
      5. Tears watering the smile.
    • Hosea 11:4: The infinite satisfaction of the infinite with the infant. 
    • Hostile: One of the two most common ways fathers are described with those I meet, see Apathetic.
    • Hugging: 
      1. Embracing the embracer
      2. Reveals and heals the anxiety of both relaxing and relating not only to one another but to oneself.
    • Human Reasoning: Seeking love out of wisdom rather than seeking wisdom out of love.
    • Humbled: Reduced to what matters.
    • Humility: 
      • The artful collection of mistakes not on display.
      • Comes from wisdom, not humble opinions. James 3:13
  • I: 
    • I Shadow: Redemption, not make up. Psalm 91
    • I Want: The expression of intention without action.
    • Idols: Toys are us. 
    • "I'm Struggling" : Is this resistance or resistance training?
    • Immanuel Labor: Painfully unlearning traditions of family and man that conflict with the painstakingly joyful process of learning righteous suffering. Philippians 3:10-12 It's the transformation(journey) from paleface to warrior. Jeremiah 30:6
    • Immodest: Scene but not heard.
    • Impatience: 
      1. The telltale sign that you aren't listening.
      2. The fear of waiting, the loss of power of observation, and the cause of misinterpretation. 
    • "In Compass" : A lack of self-awareness. Revelation 3:18-22
    • Incarnation: Touchdown in the Inn Zone. Luke 2:7
    • Indecent Proposal: Acts born out of self-hatred. 2 Timothy 3:3
    • Individualism : Borderline personality living on the edge of exclusion. 
    • Infatuation: Hopes and expectations are high while reality is low. 
    • Influence: Advancing the scene and heard.
    • Ingenious Ingenue: Restoring me from a lover of my skills to skillfully loving. Redeemed innocence of a dove yet wise as a serpent. Jeremiah 2:31-33
    • Isaiah 30:15: Trained in silence.
    • Isaiah 30:18: Rising to the abrasion.
    • Insecurity: Security addiction.
    • Insight: Insight doesn't set you free but reveals where the real fight(issue) is.
    • Insighted: When I read the Scriptures, they begin reading me.
    • Inspiration:
      1. It's not rocket science. It's rocket fuel. 
      2. No longer needing strategic moves to manipulate the emotions. Psalm 138:3
      3. The reviving breath that turns loneliness into solitude. The driving force that puts the heart to the metal,then the peddle to the metal.What can follow is the harder ideal of honoring and empowering others through the ordeal of honor and power.
    • Inspired: 
      1. Not paralyzed by my past in my present response. Ephesians 3:12
      2. From mundane to meaningful.
    • Inspired Courage: Courage that comes apart from anger without denying anger. Psalm 138:3
    • Inspired Tarry Tory: No longer striving not to fail. Genesis 33:14
    • Instructed: Insight-producing activity making assessment therapeutic. Romans 1:11,12
    • Intuition: 
      • Recognizes needed change that other views describe as a collapse of status quo. 
      • Below see level.
    • Isolation: The need to feel excluded.
    • Intellectual Cowardliness: 
      • When I substitute image for intimacy.  By denying my intuitive longing for a moral choice to be made that answers what truly matters, I intellectually deny my purpose-driven arguments that would take me there.  Intellectual cowardliness leads only to deep frustration and I move into my head to live rather than using my head to live out a true life of purpose based on a Promise that there is an Anchor full of promises.
    • Intelligently: God-given instinct.
    • Intimacy: 
      1. Tuning in, toning down, and lightening up.
      2. Running for cover with a lover.
      3. A rested development. Psalm 46:10
      4. "Dear" in the headlights. Psalm 46:10
      5. Unresolved mystery.
      6. Mastery of the recognition of mystery.
    • "In the Now" : Looking at the present. 2 Corinthians 9:15
    • "In the Zone" : Not looking past the headlights. Psalm 119:105
    • Intuitive: A wandering mind with a focus.
  • J:
    • Jackhammered: Busting my asphalt. Hosea 10:11-12
    • John 14:13: The deeper purpose.
    • John 21:12: Bread and breakfast.
    • Joy:
      1. Receiving the truth with pleasure.
      2. The content of contentment. Nehemiah 8:10
      3. This is not a laughing madder.
    • Judgmental: Fondling a demand with your brain.
    • Just Let Go: The ego's way of managing the self in order to take credit(boast) in the Release that has already been provided. Isaiah 61:1
  • K

  • L: 

    • Laissez Fear: No fire for the spark.
    • Language of Emotional Denial: See blog post.
    • The Laugh: when speech has been transcended by the delight that words would dull. Something revealed that is too good not to be true
    • Laughter: Medicine ball.
    • Leadership: Insight-producing activity making assessment therapeutic. Romans 1:11,12
    • Leadership Empowerment: The question "What do you think?" begins the process of empowering leadership in a person when he has a question.
    • Leap:  A series of baby steps so by faith step forward and abound unwound.
    • Learning:
      1.  The goal of learning is action, not knowledge. Learning to live by faith is action based on belief sustained by confidence.
      2. Exercising the opportunity.
    • Legalism: Not! Not! joke.
    • Letting Go: When the end of my rope strikes a cord with a sweet note. Psalm 45:1-2
    • Life: Open heart surge.
    • Lifelock: Secured forgiveness. Psalm 130:7-8
    • Lip Service: Big hat and no cattle. Proverbs 14:4
    • Listening: 
      1. Insight heals which is why listening is critical.
      2. Emancipation from anticipation. Psalm 81:8-11
      3. A call to Arms. Deuteronomy 33:27
      4. The ear is the shortest distance between the complicated mind and the simple heart that cries out "Listen to me!". Psalm 116:2,6  We are joined at the ear before the hip. Genesis 32:24-31
      5. (Forgetful Listening): The blessing given to others by not one-upping them with your own story after they've shared theirs with you.
      6. Interpretive challenge.
    • Lively Faith: A lively, active faith is encouraged by the least of divine favor. The eye of faith sees the one in a million possibility versus the 999,999 probability. Matthew 17:20
    • Love: The reality that becomes potential.
    • Love and Forgiveness: Chain actions that lead to chain reactions.
    • Loving: Eager and Patient
    • Luke 8:21: Obedience is thicker than blood.
    • Luke 21:19: Soul training by possessing, not conquering.
  • M: 
    • March Mellow : Longing for the heat after the hot chocolate. 
    • Master Servant: One who continually forgives as forgiven.
    • Matthew 5:8: Holiness sees the part of the whole through the holes covered in the enigma by the veil.
    • Matthew 11:25: A sanctified heart enlightens the mind from self help to the Lord's.
    • Mattress King: You don't have to earn the right to hurt this much. Rest by faith, not by works. Hebrews 4:2,3
    • Maturity: 
      1. Age is the time of maturing but maturity is ageless. Job 32:6-12
      2. Maturity is not something that comes by time and experience, but by reflecting on our experiences and learning from them. Time does not guarantee maturity, but only experiences. Earning our right to be seen as mature comes not from time but from responsibility given that is taken seriously. As this responsibility is demonstrated, the air of superiority in ourselves is removed and our serious side celebrates our learning, no longer celebrating our or others' previous folly or foolish ways.
    • Measuring Up? : Being timed on your timing. Luke 22:25
    • Mechanically Declined: You don't always have to gear up. Luke 10:40-42
    • Mediocre: Halfway to the peek. Luke 11:35
    • Mentor: 
      1. A bud wiser. Drink it in.
      2. A hand under a wing
      3. Frustration expert.
    • Mentored: Things fitting together without the sound of a hammer.
    • Mentoring: 
      1. Firmly challenging with a cutting edge to remove the jagged edges that discourage and confuse.
      2. Thoughtful interrogation. 
      3. Speaking others' dreams into courage and life for them. It's often what we fear that points us back to those dreams.
      4. The process of bringing out the person from behind the behavior
      5. Developing clean energy for the energy boom coming in the next generation.
      6. Raising the bar instead of the drink. Moving from toasted to bread so you won't get eaten alive.
      7. Converting the interior blueprints of a person into a finished product.
      8. Taming of the shrewd. Shrewd investing is investing in others.
      9. Nurturing a growing awareness by exciting the heart and informing the mind. Information and experience are taken through wisdom into knowledge in suffering or conflict. The suffering and conflict are the teachers pointing toward wisdom that has the life of knowledge. John 10:10
      10. Authoritative Tenderness. 1 Thessalonians 2:7,11,12
      11. Reminding, then instructing.
      12. (Specifically, detective mentoring): Keeping ahead of the sharp perceptions of the focused.
      13. Sometimes giving, sometimes simply arranging the environment of the mind so one can stand or think on one's feet.
      14. Recognizing the differences between amateur and immature.
      15. Diving in to build up to drive in.
      16. Suggesting a good place to start.
      17. Your wish is my demand.
      18. (effective mentoring): Losing clients due to good health.
      19. Firehose of focused feedback.
      20. (Specifically, Orthopedic Mentoring)Connecting the backbone to the wishbone
    • Merci Mercy: The Truth of justice that forbears the 4 bears.
    • Mercy: The fountain of youthful usefulness. Daniel 10:15-19
    • Mighty Proof: Punch drunk from a sucker hug. Matthew 11:19
    • Mine: see blog post entitled "Mine"
    • Mine That Heart: The mind can know the possible. But only the heart can know the impossible.
    • Misguided Humour:
      •  A jest is not alway just.
      • When humor is needed in building relationships but is directed toward someone as an object of my humor rather than toward me self-deprecatingly. This often is followed by  "I was just kidding" or "I was just being honest". Proverbs 26:18-19  
    • Money: Sweat grands.
    • Mother's Day: Fluffing the pillar of the home.
    • Motive Aided: Grace motivates with joy. Hebrews 13:9
    • "My Name, His Voice" : Knowing who I am through Him. John 20:16
    • Mystery: Mystery is the opportunity to trust rather than plan. Daniel 2:47, Ephesians 1:9
  • N:
    • Narrow-minded: A heart problem that masks as a head ache.
    • Neurotic: Clamoring to be told what to believe and what to do. Luke 12:57
    • Neurotic Paralysis: I feel like I'm incapable of making a decision by overlooking the decision I just made.
    • The New Deal: Taking something old and making it fresh. Our ideals that have become ordeals don't always need what we think of as a new deal(replacement). 2 Corinthians 5:17
    • No! , Sweat : Resisting the extreme heat of discipline.
    • Nobody Home: A lack of self-awareness. Revelation 3:18-22
  • O:
    • Obedience: Limitless absolutes. Psalm 119:96
    • Offensively Defensive: When intellectual facts fail in a spiritual or relational sense, too often the attack becomes personal and contradictory. The subject changes to the other person and the logic becomes irrationally illogical.
    • One: One is what one thinks.
    • One El: The difference between held and hell. Deuteronomy 6:4
    • Overconfident: Assuming what another thinks and believes instead of asking. Genesis 24:55-59
    • Owning it: Putting words to how you feel. What you know in your head is now heartfelt. 1 Corinthians 14:15
  • P:
    • Pain, Observed. See blog post entitled "Pain, Observed"
    • Painful Distractions: The pain of distraction is more painful than the distraction of pain. See blog post.
    • Passing the Baton: Tracks meet. John 4:30, 42
    • Passivity: A sinkhole appearing as a safe haven.
    • The Past: This should energize the present making our presence a gift.
    • Pattern Recognition: Understanding the relationships between relationships.
    • PDST: From perturbed in my head to disturbed in my conscience to stirred in my heart to transformed in my spirit.
    • Peace: 
      1. To be bound to.
      2. The deep sense of being fed rather than making sense of something in order to understand.
      3. The warmth of cool under fire.
      4. Deep calm that won't break to pieces but reaches all corners. Psalm 118:22
      5. Stress fracture.
    • Pearl Jam: Renewed youth. Matthew 13:45
    • Penetrating Empathy: Healing the broken language of the wounded in order to fully experience the profound moments of living reality out of which flows the expression "I am what I am."
    • Perfectionists:
      1. Often seek to control the uncontrollable.
      2. Often reply: "Yeah, but..."
    • Perfectionism:
    1. One of the chief causes of blindness to beauty.
    2. Collapsing into one's ego. Luke 18:23
    • Perfectly Imperfect: The imperfections in us are proof that to err is not only human, but essential in the discovery in us as the church. 2 Corinthians 4:7
    • Perplexed: A sense of failure that feels like despair. 2 Corinthians 4:8
    • Pleasing: Mouth peace.
    • Politicizing: Opinion over-ruling wisdom.
    • A Poor Listener: A parrot in eagle's clothing. Speaks out of another's words without observing in real time. A plight for sore ears rather than a flight by ear upon which to soar. Full of conflict rather than conflict resolution.
    • Praise: Lip schtick.
    • Prayer: Embers remembered.
    • Prayerful: Stoked with a soaked spirit. Words may bend the ear, but intensity touches the heart.
    • Prejudice:The strength behind the refusal to understand.
    • Preparation: Learning to delight in being caught off guard.
    • Present Future: Building a future that doesn't look to the future. Luke 12:17-21
    • Principled Disobedience: The commotion of self-promotion by doing the loco motion with a loco motive. Galatians 4:8,9
    • Projection: Misuse of the imagination.
    • Proverbs: Long stories short.
    • Providence: Eyeful Tower. Proverbs 15:3
    • Procrastination: Refusing to turn off the scenario cinema often expressed as "But, what if......?"
    • Prideful: Hugging the glory hog.
    • Pride: 
      1. Banking on the false premise that I am too big to fail
      2. Fits all, befitting no one. Causes fits, but benefiting only one. Numb to need
      3. Numb to need
      4. The generator providing the power for repeating old mistakes.
    • Psalm 85: The intimate relationship between prayers and promises.
    • Psalm 103:5: Bold, not old.
    • Psalm 139:12: The bright darkness.
    • Psycho Babel: What is needed is not pejorative labeling but loving counsel. Proverbs 16:20
    • Pure Attention: Giving your attention rather than paying attention. Giving removes the effect of over-fixation sometimes caused by paying attention.
  • Q:
    • Quiet!: The way we demand our form of justice.
    • Quiet Obedience: Agag order is not Agag gift. 1 Samuel 15:9
    • QuietnessHearing the presence of peace, not the absence of sound. Zephaniah 3:17
  • R:
    • Radio Head: Offense frequency.

    • Rainbow Plight: A smile behind the tears where there is no flood, but watered ground on which to stand. It may at times feel like exhaustively treading water, but is nevertheless steps of transformative progress. Ezekiel 1:28-2:1  

    • Rainless Bow: A smile spread over rigidity and fear.

    • Raw: Redemption after wailing. Wailing has the sense and the sound of hell. But it can be the journey to the well of grief. The wall blocking grief is revenge or the need to avenge. Don’t get even, get sad. Then the real journey that requires no travel begins.

    • Reconciliation: Willingness to eat crow stir freed.

    • Redeemed: Second chance becoming first.

    • Re-delighting Delight: Desiring to have your desires back, wanting to want again. Willing to resume growth so as not to grieve the Spirit. Psalm 37:4

    • Re-humanizing: The act of separating pride from independence thus curbing arrogance into beginnings of humility.
    • Relational Pride: Focuses on the comparison rather than person. 
    • Relationships: The expectations we retain.
    • Remorse without Repentance; Making an ash of myself where there is smoke, but no fire.
    • Renewed Strength: The beginning of the end of my rope. Washing mud off the wings. Isaiah 40:29-31
    • Reorienting: Speechless and silent.
    • Repentance:
      1. Getting to the heart of the problem when the problem is the heart.
      2. Stretching out your hands until your arms ache. Job 11:13,14
      3. The surgery of tenderness.
      4. Walking on the fresh ground of monumental moments of clarity.
    • Resistance: Nope dope.
    • Response Able: Seizing the moment. Response, not responsibility, makes one effective when timing is revealed. Acts 8:26-27
    • Responsive: Responsible to God is being responsive, not being responsible. 1 Corinthian 7:24
    • Rest: 
      1. A redemptive act of obedience leading to a deeper peace. Be still more. Being still more. Becoming.
      2. A spiritual calm in the midst of chaotic emotions, moods, or circumstances. Beauty in the grime of life. 
      3. Stilling the rising tide of expectations. Psalm 46:10
      4. Winding the creative clock.
    • Retirement: Tying a mellow ribbon around the old oak tree.
    • Revelation: Motivation, not entertainment.  Ezekiel 33:31-32
    • Revenge: 
      • There is a hurt that hurts others. It can start out as a crutch that allows healing until one can walk again. But a crutch can change form into revenge that makes it impossible to walk again without also trampling on another's ability to walk. A Cain doesn't make you Abel.
    • Revive: 
      1. Taking back conquered ground. 
      2. Real time instruction with future hope.
      3. Repentance before revival.
    • Revolutionary Mentor: Movers and shapers, not shakers.
    • Ridicule: Use of polluted words to dilute one's burden.
    • Right Word: Magic in simple circumstances that appear complicated. The right word first changes one's attitude so the view is more of reality than what it feels to be.  It's the attitude that simplifies. It's the right word that sanctifies and purifies the attitude.
    • Right Beat: The war drum in my ear drum warning me of anything that will take away my peace.
    • Ripped: Stripped of my script. John 12:49
    • Romans 12:1: Let your gift match your offer.
  • S:
    • Sabbath Saturday: A day to discover what is arresting your resting heartbeat. I call this slow-motion Saturday.  From active to reflective to contemplative. Regaining a still perspective of the infinite stillness of our infinite Lord. Rhythmically retuned, passively active, and divinely wound and wined.
    • Sacred Administration: The ministration of reducing fear to create effective and safe communication. Isaiah 32:1-4
    • Sadness: Clowning down.
    • Satisfaction: There's more to life than what I don't have. Psalm 90:14,15
    • Schizophrenia: 140 characters or less. 
    • Seasoned: Able to lead in the gray area of the intangibles.
    • Seat-Belted: The inertia from collecting so many dots that I have no time to get up and go connect them. Remove the prison stripe and dance the polka dot. Psalm 142:7
    • Second Chances: We can do what has been left undone. Psalm 66:13-14 We often just need someone to affirm the good and strengthen it first. 2 Chronicles 19:3
    • Secret Prayer: The secret to prayer. Matthew 6:6
    • Self: Wane world.
    • Self-Acceptance: 
      • Adapting to our adoption.
      • Prepared to disappoint. Willing to be misunderstood.
    • Self-Betrayal : Closed to being mentored into self-knowledge that unlocks and unfolds our potential. Proverbs 20:5
    • Self-Centered: 
      1. Me deep in conversations.
      2. Intimate anxiety.
      3. Antonym: selfless discovery 
    • Self-Centered Remorse:  not being able to see the forest through the tree. (Galatians 3:12-14Hebrews 12:17). Antonym: Conviction. 
    • Self-Control: Mastering action, words, and emotions simultaneously. 
    • Self-Criticism: The burden of slander that has no vision.
    • Self-Denial (extreme): Making things needlessly difficult for oneself.  
    • Self-Doubt: 
      • The result is reckless abandonment to myself from self-obsession rather than recklessly abandoned from myself unto the Lord. Self-doubt can disable me from treading the enabled path. Self-doubt leaves me in repeated attempts to be noble or hypersensitive to myself instead of being ennobled with the wisdom that trumps the deceit from self-reliance.

        As self-doubt loses its power over me, I find that I have been given a life of faith to live out rather than just a faith to nobly defend through my own personal ideology often birthed through self-doubt. 

    • Self-Flattery: "In my humble opinion...."

    • Self-Image:  A triangular affair with the purpose of pointing in the right direction. This is accomplished by removing the unnecessary complexity of the simplest of life's affairs pyramiding beyond one's schemes to the seams of what holds your world together. Looking from every angle to see what backed you into your corner so that you come out seeing the right angle, discerning the wisdom required, and mastering the right technique where no coroner is needed to straighten you out.
    • Selfish: Inability to make it personal enough to be purposeful. A shell of a wish.
    • Self-Justifying Leadership: Driven by blind impulse rather than by the eye of faith. Psalm 32:8-9
    • Self-Knowledge: The unexpected familiar.
    • Self-Made: Irrationality with a vengeance. Luke 12:15-20
    • Self-Pity: 
      • A self pit full of despair
      • Dishonest scales of lovelessness expressing itself through more air and less chips in the bag. Amos 8:5
    • Selfless Discovery: Anxious intimacy.
    • Self-Fulfillment: The focus is often on damage control instead of self development, on one's weaknesses rather than on one's strengths. Our potential to grow is through our strengths. They are how we are uniquely wired and most of our energy should be geared toward them.
    • Self-Obsession: Eye to I.
    • Self Respect: Willing to settle down and take a deep breath. Psalm 46:10
    • Self-Righteous: Stalk talk
    • Self-Righteousness: The pit swallowing the pit stop.
    • Self-Understanding: A true recognition of the way I feel by stopping to acknowledge the feeling. See blog post
    • Sensor: Raising questions; antonym: censor, see blog post.
    • Servant Leader: Employee of the weak.
    • Servant Leadership:
      • Reversing the domino effect of power abuse. Empowering rather than overpowering. A strong arm rather than strong-arming. A shoulder upon which to stand or be beside rather than off to the side.
      • When it reigns, it pours.
      • Learning curve with learning nerve.
    • Shame: dialogue blocker, see fear
    • Sharp: 
      • The way to a winning seam. The seamless unity of a fluent use of words to accomplish the goal of faith. 2 Timothy 2:14-15
      • Well-surrounded rather than well-rounded. Proverbs 27:17
    • Silencer: Hearing aid. Zephaniah 3:17
    • Silent Anger: A noise that annoys silently.
    • Silent Extreme: Holding your tongue when you don't have to speak your mind. Ephesians 4:29
    • Silent Solitude: Sleepless in the saddle. Isaiah 40:28-31
    • Simple and Clear: 
      • As I speak clearly, it appears I have thought about what I spoke. As I speak simply, it's as if I spoke without thought, even possibly making it up out of thin air. To answer concrete questions with concrete answers, it appears that the answers are abstract(too good to be true) rather than concrete meaning too good not to be true.
    • Simplicity: Sets fire to a longing to be free. 2 Corinthians 1:12-14
    • Singing Telegram: Restoring the beauty by being an example intimate with the message. Psalm 85:10
    • Skillful: Bringing structure to experiential knowledge. Isaiah 50:4, 2 Timothy 2:15
    • Skillful Emptiness: Failed courage. 
    • Slander: Show and tale.
    • Speech: Assists the thoughts or twists the thoughts.
    • Speckledtacularly skilled: The not only willing, but tested warrior. Jeremiah 12:9, Judges 3:1-4
    • Spilling your guts: Letting it all out is not always healthy honesty and is at times the wrong kind of courage
    • Sober: Free from spiritual paralysis. Ephesians 5:14-16
    • Soft Answer, A. : Needleless to say.
    • Solitary Man: One who lives in solitary confinement of unbelief that whispers love is a small word. 1 Samuel 10:22
    • Sound: 
      • Sound is oftentimes noise through words or movement. To be sound when not strong in confidence or direction, sound takes on new meaning. The new meaning brings to mind what is meaningful rather than what the mind is trying to mean. What brings the meaningfulness is quietness and confidence that speaks volumes for itself in all it possible meanings. Meandering then stops as one re-calibtrates in order to progress and rightly process.Sound off! Sync in. 
    • Solitude: 
      • Anti-social security
      • Courageous hope of caring for our loneliness.
      • The rush of no rush.
    • Soular Power: Son strength through panels sown into pads for the knees. 
    • Small Talk: Topic shopping and hopping.
    • Smile: 
      • Wave machine.
      • When I can't do less any more.
      • About face overriding personal anger.
    • Spiritual Dilemma: Craving solitude but hating loneliness.
    • Spiritual Geologist: Teaches a stone to talk. Luke 19:40
    • Spiritual Journey: Back to the cross, not back to the future.
    • Spiritual Pragmatism: Being made comfortable in unbelief.
    • Spiritual Teeth: Right words.
    • Spurring On: The business of delighting in others in order that they get a glimpse of the Father's delight in them. Philemon 4-7
    • Statuesque: His statutes keep me from being a statue. Psalm 119:144
    • Staying Alive: Cutting loose the feverish agenda. Psalm 119:59
    • Stay Tuned: Future expectancy and present clinging, not clanging.
    • Stealth: The eyes make no sound when they move, you see.
    • Stillness:
      • Hushed rush.
      • Sovereign intimacy.
      • Silenced idle words.
      • Unhurried quickness recognizing a plausible pause.
      • Centering down. Not slowing down.
      • Starting by stopping.
      • Current without a wave.
    • Stonewalled: The 1st question should be "Who will move the stone for us?" Mark 16:3-4 The quest for the right question that causes us to look up so that we may fall down is answered. It's hard to see if the stone is before us or behind us without the right question
    • Storms: Storms of life transcend recognition that is blocking revelation. Circumstances must be seen through in order to wash out what blocks the ability to look out. Discern the wisdom provided.
    • Streamlined: Knowing what I'm not.
    • Street Smart: Listening both ways before crossing a question.
    • Strength: Broken without falling apart.
    • Strengthened: No longer hiding joy as a shameful secret. Nehemiah 8:10
    • Stress Fracture: Beating the pavement when we should be at rest.
    • Stubborn: Instruction obstruction.
    • Stuffed Animal: Negative and embittered. Psalm 73:21,22
    • Suffering in Silence: When my heart is too big for my mouth rather than my mouth too big for my heart.
    • Suffering: 
      • enlarges the heart by creating the power to sympathize.
      • doesn't necessarily make us an expert.  See blog post
    • Surrender:
      • Determined humility.
      • Entering under controlled, not controlling, conditions. Psalm 138:8
    • Surrender To Follow: Clutching the hand that is touching yours.
    • Suspicion: The bear of neglect.
  • T:
    • Tact: To approach someone with tact is to approach with wisdom and counsel. See blog post, Tact, for more.
    • Tell A Vision: Color commentary through leadership. John 13:10-17
    • Tender Strength: Compatible, not combat able, differences.
    • Tenderized: Enlightening strike. Acts 9:3
    • Tenderness:
    • Terror: Arrested development.
    • Texting:
      1. Phony script.
      2. Context conned.
    • Thanksgiving: 
      • The password of the peace meal that banks on the river of the living water.
      • Christmas gift rap.
    • Thoughtful: An appreciation of thought alongside a deeper appreciation of life.
    • Timely Words: Relatable, not debatable. Yes! without Yeah, but...
    • Timing: 
      1. Wait lifter.
      2. Ours, not hours. Agreement, not appeasement. Communion of union, not a rally of two or more based on fear, suspicion, and hatred. Timeless value brought through meaning and purpose.
    • Tired: Tired, or burned out is a condition resulting from operating by our own strength...usually ego driven or by some form of lust which whispers the lie more=better.
    • Too Emotional: 
      • I hear many people who are described as unemotional that accuse those around them as too emotional. I find that the unemotional are the most expressive of emotions through their "too sweeping of statements" , too harshly conveyed, and too suspicious of those they accuse. I call this emotional, but detached in disorder. Oh how deep their pain must be that inflicts so much pain on others.
    • Training: Bust em to accustom.
    • Training Track: Rails against mediocrity.
    • True Acceptance: It is more than intellectual assent. It is an act of the will.
    • True Fait: Biting off more that you can chew rather than biting off more than you can.
    • True Justice: The freedom in obedience. James 1:25
    • True Obedience: Love in practical action that is duty-free.  A servant's hands driven by a son or daughter's heart.
    • Trust: 
      • A leap of love into darkness. Psalm 97:2
      • The mastery of mystery.
    • "Trying to Be Happy" : Playing the role rather than living it. 1 Thessalonians 2:5
    • "Trying to Prove": Our attempt to prove ourselves is really disproving something rather than improving the proof.
  • U: 
    • Unashamed Suffering: Pain without the power to hurt. 1 Peter 4:16
    • Unbelief: Spiritual erosion.
    • Unbelievable Belief: When the impossible seems impossible. Mark 9:21-27
    • Uncommitted: The drift toward weakness.
    • Understanding: 
      • Awareness taken deeper through obedience.
        • Example sentence: "There is no understanding without tenderness." See blog post.
    • Uniqueness: The difference I'm here to make.
    • Unkind: Deminished power.
    • Unlucky Charms: Grabbing the snake of bitterness and trying to out hiss it.
    • Unrest: Busy distractions. Isaiah 57:10-12
    • Un-smothered Simplicity: I love you.
    • Unwarranted fear: Petrified rather than a rock.
    • Unwise: The point of power often gets lost in the power of a point.
  • V:
    • Valentine: A fearless original opinion.
    • Venting: 
      1. simply reveals root causes.
      2. More often invents than ventilates the heart and mind.
      3. Losing track of time. Can't turn on a dime. Unable to see the sublime.
    • Vision: 
      1. Vision exists when promise outweighs threat by my speech yielding to my memory rather than my memory yielding to my speech.
      2. Promise outweighs threat. Proverbs 29:18
    • Visionary: Eye think.
    • Vital Balance: Somewhere between an isolated monk on too high a hill and a monkey in a business suit isolated in too high a suite.
    • Voice Recognition: I want to know you so that I know with whom I am dealing. In knowing you I can show you with whom it is that I am dealing. 
  • W
    • Waiting: 
      • Receptive and responsive.
      • Learning joy in what is happening now. To wait for death is different than wishing for it. Philippians 1:23-26. See blog post.
      • Waiting: Endue time. Luke 24:49
    • Wed Lock: The beauty of a bride is how obvious whose she is by where she stands in life's ceremony. Song of Solomon 4:7-12
    • Whisper: Carrying charge. Isaiah 40:29-31
    • Wholly War: Intellectual acceptance and emotional rejection often expressed as "I should...." or "A part of me feels...". Psalm 86:11
    • Wicked: A candle with no wick.
    • Willingness: 
    • Window Pain: Looking only out rather than also into. Holding the glass, darkly. Psalm 88:18
    • Wink vs Blink: Called vs driven.
    • Winsome: Ability to lose some.
    • Wisdom: 
      1. The wider perspective while keeping things in perspective.
      2. Timeless patience for the distant instant.
      3. His tenderness entering our ignorance. Without tenderness, there is no understanding.
      4. A drink from the fire hydrant of perpetual novelty. Always newer in its knew-ness.
      5. In the common sense approach to nuts and bolts reality, the pain of confusion or the confusion of pain can make common sense impotent. I call this the gap theory. Wisdom fills in the gaps of common sense in an immediate need or task that has hit a pothole or sinkhole.
      6. Arranging the thoughts of our heart and the heart of our thoughts to act in an orderly manner in the heat and heart of chaos.
      7. Allows an educated point to be made by an uneducated person. For example, wisdom can give knowledge without the experience. The experience of that knowledge makes one even wiser.
      8. Often first found in what is being overlooked.
      9. Wisdom is the yielding of the puzzle to the puzzled. The piece sought after in the puzzle is the peace found in the search. The piece found is the wisdom given in the step of the continued search and so on.  Don't give up. Take in.
      10. We often can see the small picture or the bigger one, but it takes wisdom to see both.
      11. Wisdom not only reveals but draws you into the revelation and keeps you there.
      12. Seeing the bigger picture and you're in it. Seeing the background while on the playground. See blog post.
      13. (Wisdom Connection): Deeply felt, supremely experienced. Proverbs 18:4
      14. Both spontaneity and discipline.
      15. Sharp trumping smart. Right need isn't need to be right, but upright. 
    • Wise Sadness: The result of separating anger from cynicism.
    • Wishing: Wishing is enduring the present waiting for the future. See Waiting. Also, see blog post.
    • Words: 
      • Words are powerful. Communicators know this. Negotiators know this. Deep down, you know this. Words have blessed you and words have devastated you. The healing that comes from a kind and tender word is precious. The destruction of a cruel taunt or a well-told deception is crushing. To have such power is amazing or razing. Which do you choose?
    • Words R Us: Where you can find the board game called Precisely Vague, the toy of adults played with rather than used to tackle reality. 2 Timothy 2:14-16
    • Work Weak:  There are more working people sick about being unhappy than unhappy about being sick. Ecclesiastes 10:15
    • Worry: 
      • A result from neglecting spiritual disciplines leading to an undisciplined heart. Worry leads to moodiness which is a breakdown of affection. Psalm 55:22
      • The opposite of rest.
      • Ability that can become a lie ability.
    • Worry Concerns: An inactive imagination caving in to active intellectual speculations based most often on unimportant details and irrelevant facts. 
    • Worship: The exercise that stretches the mind into a peaceful war ship shape.
    • Wounds: Our wounds should carry us into the childlike state where we can be comforted enough into healing. Then we can be spoon-fed when the fork in the road turned out to be a knife that cut deep.
    • Wreck Less: Stranger to self-hatred.
    • Wrong Questions: Sound deep, no meaning, not stupid, just wrong.
    • Writing: To pinpoint through the pen point. Psalm 45:1
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